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The original auto seat catch that slides between the seat and center console. The Premier car invention for that common problem of dropping items down that crack between your vehicle seat and console. It’s not just a car seat catching product, it’s the top of the line auto item collector, car seat gap filler, and auto seat organizer that brings a new meaning to automotive parts and accessories.

Drivers and passengers of motor vehicles have long been plagued with the problem of inadvertently dropping small articles between a vehicle seat and center console, where the dropped items are extremely difficult to retrieve. Some attention has of late been given to this persistent problem. The known solutions to date have generally focused on providing articles that block the space between the vehicle seat and console. Unfortunately, this solution may still allow dropped items to bounce onto the front or rear floor and, in the case of a dropped French fry covered in ketchup in particular, the items generally deflected onto the clothing of the occupant or the seat’s upholstery. The old saying, “Work smart, not hard” is reflected in our design. Other products on the market are not made in the Great USA and simply do not provide a complete solution to the problem. All resulting in not being able to offer quality and original design found in the CatchMonkey retrieval accessory.

We understand and know how frustrating it is to drop or loose those little items in that dark space between your vehicles car seat and center console. Anything from makeup, keys, pens, credit cards, money (loose change), jewelry, cell phones and that important mail you’ve been looking for. Let the problems stop!

We provide a means of covering/blocking off those pesky gaps and cracks between your car seat and your console. Our products act as efficient gap fillers and catchers so that your belongings aren’t trapped.The CatchMonkey retrieval accessory is engineered as a one piece product. Custom inside brace supports keep its stability and form as well as flexibility to fit in any size space between the seat and center console. The designed dimensions are also precise for the performance, function, and fit in nearly any vehicle on the road. Crafted friction bumps on the bottom of the unit help to hold the unit securely in place.

Interested? Then please don´t hesitate to contact us! Our Mail: info@catchmonkey.eu